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Plan and book all business traveling

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Easy declare and pay your business trips

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The budget easy and clear in one view

Managing travel expenses

24/7 insight, for employee and employer

About YOR24

More than Mobility as a Service 

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No more overload of unstructured travel data, but exactly the information you need.

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  •  Real-time insight into business mobility

  • For positive behavioural change

  • Determine which modules you want to purchase

YOR24 makes travel and work easy!

Employees increasingly want to be able to choose how they get to work and what they want to spend on that.

However, responding to these changing mobility needs as an employer is quite a task in terms of organisation, finances, and administration. That is what YOR24 is for. We have combined our innovative thinking, ambition, and 25 years of experience into the development of a powerful mobility portal and mobility app that gives the employer and employee insight and overview, so that both know what is going on and can respond better. Moreover, this offers opportunities for smarter or faster anticipation of trends and realising savings.

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