The new business travel

The demand for business mobility is changing. Employees increasingly want to be able to choose how they get to work and what they want to spend on that. Employers also see their needs changing. Among other things, the growing flexibility of the labour market and the changing wishes of employees means that mobilityhas become smarter and greener, but also is becoming more complex. Just working with one or more leasing companies is a thing of the past. Suppliers of, for instance, mobility cards, public transport, and temporary transport such as taxis, Uber, and rental cars affect the mobility solution that companies offer their employees. For instance, the ‘company car’ is slowly changing into ‘business travel’.

Independent platform

With YOR24, mobility managers, HR managers, financial managers, but especially the employees have 24/7 online access to the most detailed mobility information. This gives the employee the ability to not only plan their business mobility, but also register, declare, and/or budget it. Four separate modules that are independent or can be combined with a management module, which actively advises the employee regarding their mobility.

YOR24 is an independent platform. Independent of suppliers (such as public transport, leasing companies, fuel cards, mobility cards), we aggregate the associated data and translate it into understandable information for you. This allows you to keep track and stay in control of your mobility. Even if you switch between suppliers, you maintain continuity in your reports and policies.

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