Managing your mobility budget has never been easier. 
Through a concrete overview of your incurred travel expenses and the available budget, you make better and more conscious choices in your travel behaviour. 

Voorbeeld 1 Budget

Example 1: With a mobility budget, you are in control of your travel expenses. Through a clear overview, you gain insight into your own travel behaviour and the associated costs. Based on this insight, you can make conscious choices.
Voorbeeld 2 Budget

Example 2: Clear insight into how the costs incurred relate to the budget. The trend line shows you whether the costs incurred are in line with your expectations in a single glance. 
Voorbeeld 3 Budget

Example 3: You have complete insight into the overall mobility budget and the various components. This way, you know exactly where you stand, relative to the budget, but also relative to the standard or the average.
Voorbeeld 4 budget

Example 4: An up-to-date overview of your mobility budget. You know exactly what to expect. 


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