What does a declaration and a payment cost?

Some costs are not immediately visible. These hidden operating costs may, for instance, come with your employees submitting declarations and payments. Research has shown that a manual declaration process involves an average of € 23 in administrative costs.

Declaring and paying travel expenses with YOR24

You probably have a grip on most of your mobility and work-related costs: the costs of the leasing car, kilometre compensation, or the cost of, for instance, the mobility cards. Still, there are many costs that are often not registered as mobility costs because they are declared and paid outside of your influence. Think of parking costs, renting external cars, taxi fees, or the cost of toll roads. These are not good for the overview, because it means many mobility costs remain out of sight.

When all declarations and payments run through YOR24’s declaration module, we create insight into the overall mobility costs. We make things extra easy for you and ensure that you can see the mobility costs in a management overview. Thanks to the automated approval process, this requires hardly any effort from you and your employees. This way, you can declare all travel costs in an efficient and easy process that you can use indefinitely.

Supplement to existing declaration systems

With the declaration module, your business saves significantly on administration costs. We also ensure that the processing occurs in a tax-correct manner. Even if your business already has a declaration solution through an HR or ERP system, YOR24 offers added value. Interfaces are available for various systems. This means you do not have to adjust your internal declaration process in order to obtain a clear overview of all mobility costs.

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