Declaring travel expenses has never been easier.
Find out below how you can easily submit your travel behaviour in 3 steps and have your travel expenses paid by your employer.  

Stap 1 declareren en betalen

Sep 1: You can easily choose to declare kilometres or other costs. In the dashboard, you can see an overview of all travel expenses (both kilometres travelled and costs of services and fuel).
Stap 2:  Declareren en Betalen

Step 2: As you can see, the declaration & payment module gives you the option of easily submitting travel costs other than the driven kilometres to your employer.
The options you have are tailored to the policies of the organisation in which you work.  
Stap 3:  Declareren en Administreren

Step 3: Enter any necessary changes in the registered travel movements.
Once you have checked that everything is accurate, you can submit the declaration, and the costs will be paid by your employer after approval.



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