Managing all travel expenses of your organisation has never been easier. Everything is in one clear overview, which allows you to manage effectively based on behaviour and cost management.

Beher 1
Example 1: Insight into fuel consumption, public transport use, and parking behaviour of all employees in one overview.
The actual use is compared to the pre-set standard, so that you have insight into the extent to which your employees travel economically.
In case of serious deviations among your employees, you can automatically have this signalled.
Beheer voorbeeld 2
Example 2: A complete image of your employees’ declaration behaviour in one overview.
The management module offers space to take individual arrangements into account and assess the submitted declarations. 
Beheer voorbeeld 3

Example 3: The clear overview enables you to quickly assess whether or not a submitted declaration is justifiable.
The submitted declarations that are visible to you have been checked by the employee. This means the submitted list is a clear representation of the actual travel behaviour. Less errors, faster assessment: more satisfaction for both the employee and the employer.  



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