From insight to advice

YOR24 provides insight into the overall mobility at the employee and the organisational level. From rental cars, public transport, and bicycle plans to mobility budgets, mileage fees, and other forms of mobility. With the push of a button, obtain clear and consolidated mobility reviews that provide detailed insight into fuel consumption, charging behaviour, parking costs, the use of public transport, and more.

The management module of YOR24

As a standard part of the budgeting module and an optional part of the registration and declaration module, YOR24’s management module provides the opportunity to actively advise the employer and/or employees about the mobility situation.

YOR24 signals:

  • Use of public transport
  • Use of parking cards
  • Mileage
  • Commuting kilometres
  • Fuelling behaviour
  • Fuel consumption
  • And much more!

In consultation with the employer, YOR24 communicates directly with the employee and gives them appropriate advice. Personalised and in the form of an e-mail in the corporate style of the employee, as a push message via the mobility app, or as a tailor-made YOR24 dashboard.

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