Mobility budget

A mobility budget fits the changing society. This is due to the increasingly flexible labour market and the reduced importance of company cars. The company car is no longer the sacred cow it used to be, and is certainly no longer a determining factor for choosing an employer. Today’s employees call for a smart and flexible mobility solution.

Sustainable mobility

When the weather is nice, employees love to grab their bike. Longer trips require a car, and when the employee is in town, they prefer travelling by public transport. Today’s employees choose the mode of transportation that suits them. The sustainability of the type of transport also plays a major role in the personal choice.

The mobility budget supports the trend of more flexible travel. Within a mobility budget, the employee receives an annual budget, in which the employee makes their own choices for all types of business mobility. This can be attractive in terms of tax. If the employee has no additional taxable benefit, the created financial space can be used to travel more flexibly.

The budgeting module by YOR24

YOR24’s budgeting module helps you get the most out of your budget. It keeps track of your budget and ensures you meet the tax requirements, so that you benefit from tax advantages as much as possible. Through the direct link with various HR and ERP systems, YOR24 ensures that payments are made in a timely and correct manner.

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