‘It’s all about insight’. Something we often discuss with each other and clients at YOR24. This was also the case during our talks with Siemens. Siemens has a progressive mobility policy, with sustainability being one of the key pillars. To change the mobility policy in a substantiated way, insight into the current use of the lease car and the number of kilometres per employee is essential. That is why Siemens was looking for a party that could provide the best possible support in this.

At Siemens, more than 1,000 employees have their own lease car. Edwin van Dusseldorp from Siemens explains: To gain insight into the actual use of the lease car for both the employee and the organisation, we were looking for a solution which, in this case based on telematics, records all travel movements. We needed the solution to be easily manageable for the employee in order to distinguish between private, work, and commuting use. This reduces the administrative burden for the employee, reduces the time and cost for keeping track of the registration, and allows us as an organisation to better manage the mobility policy based on actual use per employee and car.

Siemens’ search for the best solution ended when they found YOR24. The most decisive factor for Siemens was the option to include data from different providers on a single platform. In addition, the YOR24 app gives employees even more ease of use, making the registration of all travel movements a simple task. In short, the collaboration with YOR24 is a major step forward toward more ease of use in business travel and work, and helps us achieve the sustainability objective of our mobility policy.


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