With public transport, bike, or car(sharing), YOR24 helps everyone with their mobility needs.

Benefit for employee and employer

Planning a business trip with YOR24 benefits both the employee and the employer. YOR24 has been developed from the perspective of the employee. After all, they are the ones who have to deal with mobility schemes and innovative mobility budgets that are determined by the organisation. Moreover, the familiar ‘company car’ is slowly but surely changing into ‘business travel’. There is plenty of choice when it comes to transport options. Think of public transport or carsharing, for instance. Mobility is no longer one-dimensional and therefore requires a flexible solution.

Travel planning and booking

Diversity in transport requires overview. As the employer starts offering more mobility options, the need for a user-friendly platform increases. A platform that provides insight into planning a trip with different types of transport. That is exactly what YOR24 does.

The portal matches the organisation’s mobility policy and links the travel and mobility profiles off the employees. Various mobility options can be booked via the portal. Can rental cars be used? Then this can be planned through the portal. Taxis or Uber? Both can be ordered via the portal.

The portal also has an advisory role. YOR24 believes in chain mobility, so it offers a travel planner that gives the user detailed advice on how best to get from A to B. Does the employee want to plan a trip by car, train, bus, tram, bike, or a combination? YOR24 shows the most optimal option.

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