Travel registration: measurement is key

AS mobility needs increase, the need to know what budgets are being spent on also increases. It’s all about insight, and with today’s technology, YOR24 offers an advanced registration module that provides both the employer and the employee insight into the travel registration. The collected data is recorded in one clear overview. The user determines whether this is done manually or automatically.

The YOR24 travel registration module

In a user-friendly way, YOR24 ensures that both the employer and the employee understand the way in which mobility is utilised. Where possible, data is automatically read. Think of the data generated by fuel cards and mobility cards like the NS-Business Card. Where data needs to be manually entered, the YOR24 platform is so user-friendly that it only takes a few clicks.

Trip registration with telematics or app

Simplicity is key. The kilometre registration module can optionally be supplemented with a telematics or app solution. The solution will then send ‘real-time’ data to the YOR24 module. The trip registration is then automatically displayed pre-encoded. Accurate trip registration can literally be taken care of with one push of a button with the telematics or app solution. Because tracking kilometres should be as simple as possible.

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