Registering your trip has never been easier.
Read below how you can easily register your travel behaviour in 3 steps, resulting in less administration and more accuracy.

Stap 1 registreren

Step 1: Your own dashboard shows at a glance what trips have been registered. Travel registration is accomplished by the telematics in your car (optional) using the YOR24 app (recommended) or manual entry of your travel movements.
Stap 2 Registreren

Step 2: All registrations in one detailed overview. Most registrations are automatically added to the overview through the various links with other parties (fuel card, public transport card, etc.) and your own registrations based on telematics and the YOR24 app. 
Registreren stap 3

Step 3: Registered trips and costs can be manually adjusted where necessary. Administration of your trips becomes a breeze.


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