Freedom of mobility in five phases

The use of business mobility services has never been so easy. Five phases support all process steps in the mobility chain. Depending on what your orgnization or your employees need, you can choose for one, more or all five phases.

YOR24 schijf van vijf

  1. It starts with planning and booking a business trip. YOR24 helps you making the right choices: How will your employees travel most efficiënt form A to B.
  2. Then you want to register all the movement and transactions in order to understand the mobility usage, on employee level but also by mobility solution.
  3. After that, all mobility usage can or should me properly declared and eventually paid. YOR24 fully supports this proces. For example, if you have used your NS businesscard ni the weekends, you can indicate this within YOR24 as private use or if you went to a business event as business use. Beceause YOR24 is indipendent we can connect with all providers of mobility solutions. As result: Total freedom and all in one overview. 
  4. Employees with a mobility budget stay in control with phases 4: Budgeting. Your employees have a instant insight into their mobility usage 24/7
  5. Also, as an employer or employee: You want to keep track of all individual travel movements and mobility usage. Phase 5: Control, is ment to actively monitor the behavior (of employees) and contribute to the use of all mobility options that you facilitate as an employer.  

All, one, or more phases. YOR24 closesly addresses yor need for the change to an optimal mobility policy.

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