The advantage of YOR24 is best explained by means of an example.

Take Roy, who works as a project leader at an energy company. He carries out several projects and works in different locations for this. Because some locations are better accessible by public transport and others are better accessible by car, it is convenient for Roy to have the choice of multiple transport facilities. He could declare the receipts with his employer afterwards and the hours had to be registered in a different system. Because he works at various locations and uses different transport facilities, the administration to register and declare this cost him a lot of time. Because he and his employer value the importance of privacy, they chose YOR24. As an online platform, YOR24 is the portal to process all activities in the field of mobility and project-related activities and show them in one clear overview. Both for the employee and the employer. Isn’t that convenient?

Continue reading about the possibilities YOR24 can offer. Because YOR24 consists of multiple modules, each organisation can choose what suits them best.

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